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Affiliate Marketing – To Do or Not to Do

It wasn’t until Amazon launched its Associate Program in 1996 that affiliate marketing was open to the general public. The program allowed people to sign up to be able to offer links on their website and as a result of sharing the links to Amazon’s products, the user was paid a small amount of money in return for referring new customers. Since then affiliate marketing platforms have grown leaps and bound and today more than 15,000 advertisers rely on affiliate marketing for part of their revenue.


According to a survey conducted by a leading market research company, more and more publishers and advertisers are relying on affiliate marketing as a tool to drive revenue to their sites and differentiated content. But is it worth following the herd? This article will assess the pros and cons of affiliate marketing and let you decide for yourself.


Why affiliate marketing? – It’s simple, it’s performance-based and it is a billion-dollar industry that is prospering quite well. It requires low investment and follows revenue sharing modal(model). With affiliate marketing, you learn along the way through various organic and paid campaigns and leverage your experience to drive more profits. The platform creates a win-win situation for everyone involved and has a quite flexible working schedule. Advertisers can promote a product to the wider audience giving (their) brand more exposure and wider recognition.


Why not? Because false advertising on the affiliate’s website can destroy a merchant’s reputation. Since anyone can join affiliate marketing platforms, the competition is high and highly talented affiliate marketers make up a fierce competition, which affects performance. There is uncertainty about the outcome and high risk of the hijacking of affiliate links, damaging brand exposure and identity.


Our Take – Despite all the fraudulent and scheming activities, affiliate marketing is worth a shot. At Solugo, our strong strategic alliances with various digital publishers help you in promoting your products/services to the premium audience across the globe. We follow sacrosanct security measures to keep the scheming activities to the minimum. Our comprehensive yet dynamically managed pool of panelists across the globe enables us to deliver targeted samples with real insights for Business to Consumer (B2C) and healthcare domains with applications in market research, academic research, employee engagement and a lot more. We believe we can get your brand exposure and recognition like never before and look forward to partnering up with you.

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