“Affiliate Marketing Has Made Businesses Millions and Ordinary People Millionaires.’’ -Bo Bennet

The power of Affiliate Marketing needs no introduction. It’s a cost effective way to expand the reach of product/services offered by any organization. Our strong strategic alliances with various digital publishers help you in promoting your products/services to the premium audience across the globe.


Our comprehensive yet dynamically managed pool of panelist across the globe enables us to deliver targeted samples with real insights for following prominent domains:


B2C Expertise:

From small companies to large organizations, everyone offers products/services for consumption by the users. Understand how customers perceive your brand and analyze their satisfaction with our customer feedback surveys which help you tap into the minds of consumer’s.Leverage insights to effectively manage business.

Business partners and vendors are equally important as the consumers. Engage with them and take into account their feedback on how you can improve operations at your end .A B2B survey requires taking into account various levels within business partnership. Solugo ensures to acquire valid data across all multiple reporting levels


Gain insights about your medical services from the subject matter experts. From latest medicines to medical equipment to services provided at the hospital to ailments like, there is a feedback survey for analysis.



Academic Research: Measure the accuracy of your academic research conclusions with real time insights from our academic research surveys and polls.

Customer Satisfaction: Our consumer specific surveys help you to measure their satisfaction levels and gain deep insights. Widen your customer reach and improve NPS (Net Promoter Score) by tapping into the mind of the consumers.

Employee Engagement: A good team is the building block of a successful company .Utilize our world class employee engagement surveys to analyze the work culture, employee satisfaction and grievances (if any). 

Market Research: Collect valuable data like consumer trends, market developments, competition and more with online market research.

Website Feedback Surveys: Improve User Experience, analyze viewer’s needs and customize your website according to the current trends. What You see is what you Buy and Solugo’s website feedback surveys help you to make it more customer friendly.


a. Ad-Hoc : We conduct Short term study to target specific business management issues by collecting data from one particular sample and address our client’s needs. This type of study is conducted on one time need basis to resolve immediate purpose.

b. Tracker: Our tracker study takes into account changing viewpoints of the same set of consumers over an extended period of time. This type of study fundamental in determining the success of a marketing campaign , measuring brand awareness and monitor customer satisfaction 

c. Focus Group: It is a qualitative measure of collecting data from a selected pool of people with similar profiles who come together to share their insights on a specific topic/area of interest. They are flexible, economical and provide comprehensive details about perceptions and opinions of a set segment.

d. Bulletin Board: Online Bulletin Board is a qualitative technique to assemble people virtually and acquire data through interactive discussion among participants and moderator. We use this technique to acquire data  when the respondents are scattered over the globe and have varying levels of availability . It allows the panelist to share their insight, read transcript, send and retrieve files as per their convenience.

e. Diary Studies : Also known as experience sampling , this qualitative technique allows targeted users to record their experience over a period of time .We study the behavioral aspects of the consumers and draw real time insights from the personalized and authentic data collected.  

f. Market Research Online Community (MROC): We have a targeted group of people who are bound by a common interest and are recruited for qualitative research purposes.


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