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Beginner’s guide to collect product feedback

The paramount importance of customer feedback needs no introduction. There are several pieces of research which suggest how the average customer loves being asked about their experience with a brand or a product. Asking questions to your customers regularly helps you unearth nuggets of wisdom about how to run your business. Insights from the feedback go a long way in making better business decisions and improving overall customer experience across various touch points in the customers’ journey with your product. Though zeroing in on a survey is easy but creating a survey which is engaging & insightful is tricky. Balancing the effectiveness of online survey to extract maximum useful information is an art and we are here to help you do exactly that. Read on to find out how.

  • Understand your target audience: Getting feedback from your customers is the first step towards building a brand for eternity .To collect feedback about your product, you have to put yourself in their shoes and understand their psyche, buying behavior and requirements, likes and dislikes. Solugo’s customer feedback surveys give you 24*7 real time insights from your defined target audience and help you devise smarter business strategy.


  • While there are many easy to collect feedback surveys , the most effective ones are e-mail surveys ,in-app surveys , NPS surveys and social media. Depending on your target reach, choose any medium and get started. Solugo with its effective customer feedback & analysis tools gives you a crystal clear picture about your product in the market.


  • Use the feedback to find areas of improvement: The difference between a good company & a better one is that they not only do the huge exercise to collate product feedback but utilize every insight to scour areas of improvement. When you are willing to listen to your customers and appreciate their time and feedback by making the product better, they will be more enthused to provide you with more insights which will help you sustain and grow.


  • Use customer feedback to get the smartest ideas from your customers. After all, they are the end users of the product that you create. With the help of feedback tool in place you will be able to identify patterns which will help you understand and choose which will work best for your business

Solugo with its well customized surveys and extensive online tools , is best choice to  understand your target audience, fine tune your marketing strategy and building your brand .




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