The pandemic COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges across the globe. Due to this, the change in consumer behavior and attitudes is natural. In these situations, it is difficult for many consumer-driven organizations to stay close to their customers while navigating the global crisis. The researchers play a vital role in helping businesses to deal with these situations and to prepare for the rebound. With the technology and online tools available, social distancing
The pandemic COVID-19 has raised many challenges by bringing the world to a health, economic and cultural crises. The changes in consumer behavior are natural and have been noticed. They are likely to shift towards safety and wellness products to keep their near and dear ones protected. Globally consumers are using digital channels, products, and services across categories.   A few observations about consumer reaction in these uncertain times are:   A
Surveys provide insights about how customers feel. To achieve a crystal clear picture more and more surveys are being conducted by top MNC’s leaving respondents to feel uninterested or bored of surveys. This results in the drop of response rates leading to poor quality of information. Read on to find out how to combat survey fatigue.   Mind the frequency of surveys: A research conducted by Harvard Business Review states that customers
With the advancement in technology, increased use of the internet, and a majority of the people accessing the online sources it has become important to change the ways of doing business. With time, adapting the changes in the environment makes you stay relevant in competitive market and hence the shifting from offline to online is quite important for businesses and researchers globally.   The reasons for using online mode are:   Data
  Steve Job, Co-founder of Apple said “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”   He capsized in a nut shell what we have been trying to tell you all this time. Great customer service is essential for the success and growth of your business. Building a brand that can serve customer exceptionally is very
Feedback surveys are the best way to know how your business is performing. Once the data is collected, it needs to be processed. Data, when processed, becomes information and this information is powerful. When armed with this powerful information, there is no stopping you to improve, grow and be the best in the market! By the time you are through with this article, you’ll know exactly how to process data to extract
The most important part of any business is its customers. Customer satisfaction and retention is the key to growing business as it leads to more revenue generation avenues through their positive word of mouth. Observing consumer behavior before and after the sales of goods and services is the key to know your customers. Though the process is not easy, there are some techniques that you can try to gain maximum insights about
The paramount importance of customer feedback needs no introduction. There are several pieces of research which suggest how the average customer loves being asked about their experience with a brand or a product. Asking questions to your customers regularly helps you unearth nuggets of wisdom about how to run your business. Insights from the feedback go a long way in making better business decisions and improving overall customer experience across various touch
Customers feel obliged when they receive special attention and personalizing is one of the best ways to do so. Providing the products and services according to customers’ needs and demands is personalization.Whether you contact your customer through email, social media or advertisements, it should show that the focus is on that customer individually and that you care about their opinion adding an emotional connect to your brand. Personalizing customer experience imperative as
Customers are the assets of any business. As much as it is important to acquire new customers, it is equally important to retain the existing ones. Retaining customers helps in the growth and development of business. But customer retention is easier said than done. The competitive market and plethora of alternatives available for every product and services make it much more difficult for the businesses to thrive for a long duration. Therefore,