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Combating Survey Fatigue

Surveys provide insights about how customers feel. To achieve a crystal clear picture more and more surveys are being conducted by top MNC’s leaving respondents to feel uninterested or bored of surveys. This results in the drop of response rates leading to poor quality of information. Read on to find out how to combat survey fatigue.


  • Mind the frequency of surveys: A research conducted by Harvard Business Review states that customers are 74% less likely to respond to surveys conducted thrice a week. Hence time your frequency of doing a customer feedback studies/surveys.


  • Keep your questions simple crisp and direct so that respondents do not have to think much about it. If the questions are harder to understand, more time and efforts would be applied by the respondents leading to a tedious exercise which they would be more likely to avoid next time. Respect their time and see how response rates soar.


  • Focus on one question at a time in the survey so that the respondent to not take much time or apply more effort. In the multiple choices, each choice should be completely different from another so that the respondent does not get confused with the choices.


  • If scaling is used in a question, then keep the order the same for every question in the survey. Keep the survey short and fun and ask only important questions pertaining to your product/services.



  • Targeting the segmented audience also reduces survey fatigue because the right surveys are sent to the right people at the right time. The probability of getting a response increases in this process and it helps in better understanding of the target audience


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