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Customer Experience Strategy – Ways to go about it

In previous articles, we established how enhancing customer experience leads to increased customer retention, higher customer satisfaction, increased revenues, and reduced customer churn. This is a universal fact and every business in the world stands by it. Still, some companies record more growth than the rest. The primary reason being they have learned to implement simple saying, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you are saying it’. A study run by Economic Times found that 64 percent of the customers won’t mind spending more for better customer experience. Companies who leverage this fact have shown a better growth rate than success than the rest.


How do you ensure the best customer experience every time any customer interacts with your organization? Read on to find out


  • Understand your customers: Who they are, what are their needs and identify their buying trends and behavior. At Solugo, our strategic alliances with various affiliate networks and customized feedback surveys help our clients to delve deeper into their customers’ minds and formulate a strategy keeping them in mind.


  • Have a clear vision: What do you want your customers to experience when they use your product/service. Think backward by stepping into their shoes. The key motto is to make the customer feel ‘served’ rather than being a guinea pig to the new products brought in. With such a method in place, your customer service, marketing, and sales strategies will be more of a solution addressing the needs of the customers.



  • Feedback of employees is important: Since your employees are present at each touchpoint when customers approach your brand, they know about your target audience more than anyone else. Instead of annual employee feedback surveys, take continuous feedback from your employees wherein you can include questions about customer experience. This will also make them feel part of the process and they will take the onus of serving customers more wholeheartedly. After all, there is nothing more than a confident and happy employee to impress the customers.


  • Use customer satisfaction tools:This will let you know how your customers feel at each touch point and where there is inconsistency, you know what to do. Streamline and simplify the whole process of customer interaction. Consistent Quality and authenticity across all channels is the key to customer retention. Solugo provides customer satisfaction surveys that give real-time insight including the latest audience buying trends and behaviors.


  • Measure customer experience: One of the best metrics to measure customer experience is the NPS-Net Promoter Score. Measured on the scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, NPS uses a simple question that NPS uses -“how likely are you to recommend our product/service to a friend?’. If the NPS score is gradually increasing, you know you are headed in the right direction with the right customer experience strategies.

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