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Customer Retention: – The Ultimate Guide


Customers are the assets of any business. As much as it is important to acquire new customers, it is equally important to retain the existing ones. Retaining customers helps in the growth and development of business. But customer retention is easier said than done. The competitive market and plethora of alternatives available for every product and services make it much more difficult for the businesses to thrive for a long duration. Therefore, customer retention can help in many ways to add to the growth of business. Read on to find out how.


If your customers are happy with your product/services, then they ultimately refer you to their friends, family, etc. This word-of-mouth marketing from your existing customers will help you in bringing more customers. If you keep your existing customers satisfied, they will easily pay a premium price because they know it will be worth paying based on their past experiences. The loyal customers will always help your business with their valuable feedback and an immediate call to action on the basis of their feedback will not only make your improve the quality of product/service but also strengthen the bond between your brand and your customers.



Ways to retain a customer:

  • Establish a relationship with your customers by keeping them aware of the offers and how they can be benefited from it. Connecting with your customers on social media platforms and analyzing their buying trends, frequency will enable you to devise a revolutionary customer experience strategy.
  • Taking regular feedback from customers and immediate actions based on their opinions will make your customers feel valuable and they will be more likely to refer your brand to others, thus increasing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of your brand.
  • Providing your customers with a loyalty reward program is an effective way to engage them.


Solugo provides customized customer feedback surveys that help in building strong communication between your brand and the target audience.We make the survey taking process engaging for customers and fruitful for organizations by giving real – time insights and deep analysis that help the organizations to make better business decisions.

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