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Employee Engagement – Why should you give a damn about it?

If you don’t give a damn about your employees, be prepared to bid them goodbye. They say, “Keep your employees happy so that they don’t use your Wi-Fi to search for the next job” and we agree. Only attracting top talent from the market isn’t enough. The extra hard work goes in retaining the talent. How your employees feel about the company, your audience feels about the product/services you offer and hence investing in the welfare of your employees should be a priority.

But what does this employee welfare entail? It goes beyond a good pay package and perks. It includes how supportive the work environment is, growth opportunities in the organization, if the employee is being appreciated, trusted and valued or not. A happy employee will ensure happy clients leading to more profits. Since gratitude is the right attitude, employers can show their gratitude by engaging their employees constantly.

The more an employee feels part of a community, the more likely it is that they are engaged with what they do. Using surveys and questionnaires is an effective way to gauge employees’ feelings and opinions. But the survey design must be holistic to include all the issues that the employees may face. The more your team is asked their opinions, the more empowered they will feel and the more engaged they will be. Once an issue/grievance is spotted, address and resolve it as soon as possible. Show your employees that you listen and not just hear. Facilitate channels where each employee can raise their issues/concerns and give feedback. Organize team building and leadership activities. Keep a track of the feedback shared by them.

The employee satisfaction/feedback surveys at Solugo provide real time insight into your employees’ opinions and thoughts. You can customize your questionnaire as per your needs and get an overall opinion on employees’ insight. What more, you can also track the impact of the steps taken for employee engagement and take decisions as per the results. Engaging employees is an investment made for the privilege of staying in the business. Allow Solugo to help you in doing exactly that!

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