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Engaging Respondents : How Should you Cater to Lifeblood of Market Research Industry

Survey Panelists are the backbone of market research industry and the stronger the backbone , the more support and cushion it provides .Despite having the means and knowledge of that little nugget , we do a poor job of putting our panelist first. As important as the respondents are , it is extremely important to engage them on a regular basis. They take out their valuable time for filling the surveys  and for that they deserve our utmost respect and attention and we must  reciprocate that by keeping them involved constantly.

But Engaging respondents is easier said than done.  And we can count the reasons for that on our fingers

  1. The old saying goes ,’The more , the merrier’ .True but large numbers in the panel pool means diverse respondents and It’s a task  to keep everyone engaged
  2. Designing surveys catering to the taste of all the panelists is difficult and it often affects their willingness to complete the survey
  3. The length of the survey is often a trade off for the panelists
  4. For ⅓ of all respondents , the primary reason to participate is to earn rewards or prizes and when the surveys are not incentivized , they lose their mojo to participate

Knowing the problem solves half of it , For the other half read on

  1. Capitalize on the participative experience and bring it to the forefront. Leverage the diversity of the respondents and  ensure that the surveys are designed keeping in mind their demographics and interests while fulfilling the requirements of the client
  2. Short and crisp questionnaire keeps the panelists engaged and results in better response rates
  3. Take research as a brand engagement and relationship building opportunity
  4. Reward the panelists the way they want to be rewarded and devise incentive flexibility program in which respondents across the globe and demographics can indulge in fair value exchange

Although a year old , Solugo boasts of impressive numbers in their panel pool across the globe with primary focus on the markets in India, China , USA and Canada. But what we take pride in is our high response rates and completion rates in the online sampling domain . How did we do that ? By making things clear and simple and engaging our respondents on a regular basis.What more…..We can help you do that too.


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