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Helping you with the Big B of Brand Identity

Do you have any trouble recognizing the Red N of Netflix or Nike’s Swish logo? The green mermaid with crown and your brain immediately screams Starbucks. The reason is that these Brands have created a strong distinct identity over the years that has connected with their consumers, strategically set them apart from the competitors and built a loyal customer base. Whether it’s a start-up or a niche brand, any service/product oriented organization wants to distinguish them in the market and create loyal brand advocates.

The brand identity of the company is nothing but how its audience perceives the products and services being offered. Your name, reputation, personality and what you stand for sets you apart from the crowd and help the buyer’s decision in your favor. By understanding your customer persona and using customer insights, you can build a brand identity that your customers will value and cherish. Read on to find out how Surveys act as an online tool to gather real-time insights from your audience.

  • Surveys help in improving Brand Power: The extensive market surveys help consumers to recognize the brand, understand the USP of the products/services and also to recommend it to others. With the help of our customized surveys and online tools, you can design a survey pertaining to your brand and use the insights obtained to strengthen your brand image.
  • Surveys measure and track the impact of a new strategy and marketing techniques.We don’t leave any stone unturned to promote our Brand but how effective are our marketing strategies? Are we hitting the pain area of the customers in the right way? Does the message impart with the product being delivered effectively to the correct segment of the audience? The answer to all these questions and more lies in the analysis of the customers’ take which can be measured and tracked by conducting surveys. Benchmarking the survey results regularly will help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to building a strong brand identity. 
  • Surveys measure brand awareness: How visible is your product in the market? Is it on consumers minds while making a purchase? Surveys measure brand recall -your consumers’ ability to name your brand on their own to see if they’re thinking about you (or your competitors) first and help in the positioning of your product in the market segment. 
  • Surveys help in understanding customer loyalty: In today’s ever fast and growing time where there is no dearth of choices and still your customers choose your product, even after having the opportunity to go after some other brand – that is Brand loyalty and a great way to measure customer loyalty is to use the Net Promoter Score (NPS), the standard companies around the world use to see if customers are recommending them to others.

Solugo, with its customized surveys and extensive online tools, is the best choice for a Sampling partner to help you build your brand. Our Data-driven approach, people-oriented results and second to none technology speaks for itself and we make sure that the mark you leave emulates your brand, name and reputation.

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