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How real-time customer feedback helps you to build your brand?


For any organization there is no better marketing than the word of mouth and no relationship is more important than with the customer. As a key to any good relationship, communication is an essential way to build, maintain and foster customer relationships. This not only raises a healthy brand value but also helps in acquiring new customers. The best way to connect with your customers is by asking their opinion and what better way to do that than in the form of customer feedback surveys and studies.

Authentic feedback from your customers will not only empower you with tools to make better decisions but will also create a niche for your brand. Read on to find how to make the most of the customer feedback surveys.


Respect the time of your customers:-

Respect the time of your customers by asking only the most pressing details that you want. Keep the feedback short, crisp and to the point. Also, instead of just asking questions, ask their opinion on how you can improve your product/service to help them serve better.


Take immediate actions:-

Take immediate action based on the feedback that you get from your customers. If the problem is not solved immediately, make sure you get in touch with the customer and get all the information and re-work on solving the issue. This way you can reduce customer churn, increase the lifetime value of the customers and bring in more referrals.  For every response that you receive, make sure there is an immediate call-to-action for each of them based on the specific response.


Create a culture of learning &improvement:-

Real-time feedback helps you in creating more and more opportunities to learn and improve. Closing the feedback regularly will make a huge difference to your customer experience strategy. Promoting a culture of collecting constant feedback would also help to improve your product and sooner rather than later you’ll be the customer favorite!


Builds customer engagement &trust:-


When customers know that any form of communication made with your brand will be reciprocated from your side with appropriate replies, they wouldn’t shy away from sharing their grievances with you. This not only makes them much more likely to engage with your brand on various platforms including your social media handles,it creates trust among your customers. When customers freely engage with you, the same can be expected in the real-time customer feedback responses that you get from them. Regular feedback surveys and immediate call to action will certainly enhance your customer experience and in turn the growth of your organization.

Solugo with its customized feedback surveys and credible panel pool ensures that you get authentic real-time insights of your customers. With a high response rate in survey completions, excellent panel management and expert analysis of the responses, we are the best sampling partner to associate with.


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