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How to get the best out of Survey

Long gone is the time when surveys were just done as a formality to collect feedback from the audience. Now the feedback shared is carefully analyzed and forms the backbone for the important business decisions. The data is a powerful tool and many organizations have come to rely on it to get an insight into their target customers, process the results and drive their business accordingly. But how do we get the best out of the surveys? Read on and find out.


1) Response Rate: Your survey should be designed keeping in mind the target audience and should not be a drone fest. Slice through the white noise and create an engaging survey so that your target audience not only feels compelled to fill your survey among 100 others in the markets but also completes it. Some measures to increase response rates are to build a relevant survey and offer it in multiple channels like SMS, email, social media channel etc. Offering incentives to respondents and asking their opinion instead of questions to make them feel valued is another good way to improve response rate.

2) Crisp Questionnaire: When we talk about survey design, not only the format but the questionnaire is of utmost important/importance. Not enough emphasis is laid on how a well-rounded survey entails a mixed bag of opinion based/opinion-based questions. The key to relevant data is heavily shouldered by the authentic responses to the right questions. Short surveys with crisp questionnaire not only have a better response rate and completion statistics but are a paramount source of relevant data.

3) Customization: Every respondent is different, and marketers need to understand that. The teetotaler won’t be interested in answering about his/her most sought-after liquor brand. This is where customization comes into the picture. A customized survey makes the respondent feel valued. After the survey is completed, give them the opportunity to share what they want and thank them for their time to complete surveys. Sharing the results of the survey, not disclosing sensitive opportunity/opportunities, will allow the respondents to see the transparency of the organization and they will be more likely to fill the survey next time.


Solugo allows you the option to easily build survey logic rules and multiple paths into your surveys. Whether you’re looking to draw conclusions about your target market, learn crucial details about your audience, or identify hot leads, Solugo got your back in everything from designing a questionnaire to building engaging and relevant surveys.

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