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Online research to the Rescue

With the advancement in technology, increased use of the internet, and a majority of the people accessing the online sources it has become important to change the ways of doing business. With time, adapting the changes in the environment makes you stay relevant in competitive market and hence the shifting from offline to online is quite important for businesses and researchers globally.


The reasons for using online mode are:


  1. Data keeps evolving with time and tracking it manually is a time consuming, complex and costly process. These complications can be reduced using online tools.


  1. Online research overcomes social desirability effects. The survey respondents do not like to give truthful responses offline as they feel it may hamper their image in front of the interviewer or they want to present themselves in a good picture. The online responses are authentic as the respondents are free from judgments.


  1. Online surveys focus on the necessary questions. The answers provide insights helpful for the researchers in drawing appropriate conclusions which further drive the business strategies.


  1. There may be difficult situations when access to offline mode is not possible. It may be due to emergencies in the country which requires citizens to be at home such as the ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 It’s a challenging phase for the organizations as well as the researchers. The online mode has become the ultimate rescue source in such times as they are hassle free and can be conducted during these testing times too.


The pandemic shouldn’t affect your business growth and hence it’s time to switch to online surveys and sampling and who better to partner with than Solugo. With our dedicated team, exceptional technology and drive to serve our clients in the best possible manner – we are your go to online sampling partner

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