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Redefining Customer Feedback to Boost Sales

At the time when the customers have multiple of options to choose from, how do the marketers make their brand stand out? How do they ensure their target audience not only prefers buying their product/service but also recommend it to their friends and family?  How do they stay relevant in this competitive market at the same time ensuring the quality and authenticity are not compromised?

The trick is simple –by working around customer feedback. The underrated customer feedback takes a turn when it comes to creating products as per their need. The organizations that fulfill the gap in the market and create products or offer services to bridge flourish. Be it ‘Salon at Home’ service offered by Urban Clap or online food delivery offered by Zomato, these companies recognized the requirement and how! Till now they use feedback surveys from their customers to not only identify the pitfalls and but to implement the analysis to boost sales. Perhaps it’s time to take out a leaf from their books!

Understanding the importance of customer feedback is one thing, designing a feedback form or survey that the users complete and answer authentically is another. This is where Solugo stands out. The Q&A mechanism that we use to design the customer feedback forms not only create an engaging format but it also keeps the feedback short, crisp & to the point. The idea is to tap into the mind of consumers and extract the real – time insight about their buying trends, behavior, preference and need and use the analysis to customize our product/services according to them and ultimately drive sales.

Solugo with its customized feedback tools does not only that but it helps you every step of the way – right from identifying the right target audience, to designing questionnaire as per them and deep analysis of the result. With our carefully managed panel pool, we ensure that the feedback you get is 100 % authentic. We are a shout out away and look forward to helping you out redefining customer feedback so that you can boost sales!

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