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Social Media – Is it really that important?

In 2010, Ariel did a marketing campaign with now-retired IPS Officer, Kiran Bedi which according to a report by Economic Times boosted its revenue by up to 200 % in that fiscal year. In April 2017, Starbucks cleverly capitalized manufacturing scarcity via Instagram for its Unicorn Frappuccino happy hour for five days in the USA which, according to Market Watch, increased its store sales up to 3 percent for the second quarter. Gillette triggered an entire segment of the male population with its add on YouTube & #TheBestAManCanBe in the light of #Metoo Movement, which was used 187,400 times during Jan 14, 2019 – Jan16, 2019, As of mid-February 2019, the brand’s original tweet has been shared nearly 250,000 times. Though it was reprimanded by many, it had a positive impact on sales. The massive success of these social media campaigns churned out great revenue for all those brands. What does it tell you?


Gone are those days when social media platforms like – Face book, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram are merely used to post pictures. Now fully fledged ad campaigns are designed specifically for such platforms to grab the attention of the target audience. Social media — when used strategically over time — is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen. Brands aren’t born, they are built and what drives that process is to connect with the target audience. Social media bridges that distance and let the audience see your Brand!


Time invested in designing the social media campaigns give a return on investment in terms of attracting potential new clients, staying relevant in the ever-competitive market, understanding the market need & your audience. The best way to gauge the effectiveness of any social media campaign is by asking its target audience opinions via surveys and feedback forms. That’s exactly where Solugo comes into the picture.


The surveys and feedback forms give a real-time insight to your audience – what services/products they need, which social media platform they use the most, does your brand satisfy their need, do they instantly recall it when they see your logo in the social media campaigns, how effective your marketing campaigns are, do they reach the right group of people or not. Find out answers to all these questions and a lot more with Solugo – with its customized surveys and extensive online tools, is the best choice for a Sampling partner to help you build your brand and understand your target audience and strategize your marketing plans.


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