Project Management Consultants

Three Phases of the Project Management Lifecycle

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In today’s competitive era, every brand should implement the right strategies to deliver excellent results. A systematic approach for every organization is a necessary step to be ahead of your competitors. What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you read the word “Project Management”? What is Project Management? In easy words, […]

Survey Solutions

How to Design a Survey that Yields Legitimate Results

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The fact is if you want to know what others think, go and ask them. In marketing circles, this usually leads to surveying customers to determine what’s going on in the world. Companies use surveys for several reasons, to identify customer satisfaction, in deciding how to launch new products, to conduct new research, etc. But […]

Market Research

CATI In Market Research: Time To Use Phone Surveys

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CATI stands for ‘Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing’, which acts as market research that completely relies on a computer screen to set up a questionnaire. The interviewer reads these sets of questions before the respondents who answer those questions. AI and automation are becoming usual in most of the verticals. It plays a major role in […]

Data Collecton

Online research to the Rescue

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With the advancement in technology, increased use of the internet, and a majority of the people accessing the online sources it has become important to change the ways of doing business. With time, adapting the changes in the environment makes you stay relevant in competitive market and hence the shifting from offline to online is […]

Sampling Solutions

Customer Retention: – The Ultimate Guide

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Customers are the assets of any business. As much as it is important to acquire new customers, it is equally important to retain the existing ones. Retaining customers helps in the growth and development of business. But customer retention is easier said than done. The competitive market and plethora of alternatives available for every product […]