Data Collecton

The Big Buzz of Data

What is Data? It is collection of facts, opinions and observations expressed in the form of numbers. What is Data Collection? It is systematic gathering and measurement of these interests from authentic and reliable sources.

Why is Data collection important?

Because it provides real time insight about your existing customers, the potential ones, current market trends and a lot more so that the business management can leverage this and formulate a strategy.

Authentic data and its deep analysis lay the ground work on which important decisions are backed up.

From pin pointing the pain area, to tracking and improving internal processes to tap into the target audience needs, the data helps you do all this in a comprehensive and timely manner. You can use the information to build segmented audience profiles for future marketing efforts, making your marketing spend more efficient and effective and giving you the competitive edge.

What are the Sources of collecting Data?

There are endless sources of data collection including Website contact forms, Checkout/point-of-sale (POS) systems, Contests/giveaways, Surveys/user reviews, User profiles, Petitions, Event sign-ups, App installation and more. But the question arises how much of this data is authentic? How much of this data is coming from your target audience? How much of this data can actually be used?

The answer is – SOLUGO. Spearheaded by market research industry veterans, founded in 2018 and having expertise in data collection and sampling solutions. The pre built panel of 100,000 diverse and authentic respondents who are selected after a meticulous process to ensure that there is no compromise on quality. We help present an unbiased view of your target audience in a timely and cost – effective manner. Our experts provide you with comprehensive solution based on thorough analysis of the data so that the only thing your time goes into is devising your strategy to ‘Up your Game’.

Data collection is an important element in your company’s overall marketing strategy with significant and impactful benefits. We’ve helped our clients collect thousands of data points across various industries — Are You Ready?

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