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Weaving Stories with Data

There is absolutely no doubt that Data is an indestructible tool and it’s hard to argue with the cold statistics. But how do we leverage that? How do we engage our audience with the help of graphs, complicated numbers and diagrams? How do we make the data resources accessible in a ready to decipher format?

Simple, by weaving Data into Narratives .Narratives that reflect what you stand for and your core values, narratives that win over boardroom presentations and audiences alike. As easy as it sounds , extracting a story from these cold crunching data is a task and this article will walk you through the basics and by the end , you won’t be intimidated by that big pile of Data!

  • Define the Purpose that your data will serve whether it’s identifying the latest trends in the industry or launching a new product in the market .Once you have the purpose defined, half the work is done. For the other half, read on.
  • Stick to the Point: ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous Thing’, says the old adage. But what’s more dangerous is a lot of useless knowledge. The essence is to extract the most useful information from that huge heaps of Data and use it effectively. Be concise, be accurate and be clear.
  • Choose engaging format : Once you have narrowed down to the most useful data , the next challenge will be to present it in an engaging yet informative format. A well compiled stack of numbers and statistics can look extremely powerful and give extra weight to the presentation. There are multiple options for format in the market to choose from to create a visually appealing data story.
  • Understand the crux of Data Narrative: Visualization and data are key proof points to derive insights from the narrative. The core of a good data story lies in reliable data, strong visuals and an engaging narrative. Once you have these three components right, you simply can’t go wrong with your narrative!

At Solugo, we help you bridge the gap between data and storytelling. We understand the importance of access to quality and reliable data and how it is equally important to add narrative to make the data more presentable, visually appealing and create  a win- win situation with both your stakeholders( By helping them drive better decisions ) and your customers (By driving conversation with them).

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