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Why is customer experience important?

Remember the time when the food you ordered online was delivered before time or when the cab you booked arrived long after your booking time? Your mind will be quick to recall the good and the bad experiences forged by the products/services offered by any organization. A good experience will go a long way in forming a trustworthy and loyal bond whereas a bad experience will entail leading your target audience right to the competition. 


They say, ‘First impression is the last impression’ and we agree. The impression that your brand creates with customers, across every stage of the customer journey is called customer experience. The primary touchpoints that factor into customer experience on a cross-functional basis are people and products. A good experience not only ensures a loyal customer base and high retention rate but it also leads to recommendations/suggestions, translating to new users and ultimately leading to growth in business revenue. Invest in your customers’ needs now and gain high returns in the future. 


But how do we ensure a great customer experience management? How do we keep track of the churn rate? How do we tap into the mind of our consumers? Well, the answer to the question is Solugo. 


Started in 2018 by market research industry veterans, ours is an enthusiastic step forward in the field of online sampling. With our customized Net Promoter Surveys (NPS), you can analyze how your customers are likely to promote you and analyzing results from multiple touchpoints will tell you areas of improvement, strengths and how well your brand connects with the customers. Our feedback surveys give you real-time insight into your user’s mind. By monitoring and enhancing various touchpoints throughout the customer journey; your organization will bring more value to its users.


With our expertise in effective analyzing of your target audience’s behavior and their changing needs, we ensure your product/service keeps evolving to sustain and stay relevant and act faster, smarter and bolder in today’s competitive market! 

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